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[wg-c] Election results

Unless I have failed to count any votes, the results are the following:

Valid votes received: 22

Votes for Kent Crispin: 10
Votes for Jonathan Weinberger: 12

The co-chair of wg c, effective immediatly, is Jonathan Weinberg.

As to Mueller's objection, Keyth Gaymor was a member of this WG before the
election period was open. The only person that has joined the WG during the
election period and voted is Rob Hall. 

As we had not established any rules in advance, there is no reason to
consider this vote invalid. 


Please find below the nominal vote count.

-	Kent
David Maher 
Siegfried Langebach 
Kevin J. Connolly
Werner Staub
Petter Rindforth
Rita M. Odin
Cade,Marilyn S.
Keith Gymer
Amadeu Abril i Abril 
Kent Crispin 

- Weinberger
Ivan Pope 
Daiva Tamulioniene 
Neuman, Jeffrey
Milton Mueller
Joop Teernstra 
Mark C. Langston
Craig Simon 
Christopher Ambler
Rob Hall 
Jonathan Weinberg 
Rod Dixon