Voter Empowerment Kit

Download Materials to cash in on your voting capital. only has the resources to concentrate on the United States Presidential election. Although the Presidential election is generating more wealth than any other election this year, it is not generating as much wealth per vote as many of the senatorial, congressional and other elections. The voter empowerment kit will allow you to access some of this additional wealth. The kit includes a form letter that you can send to a local political candidate who is spending a great deal of money on this year's election. Or, you could send a letter to the candidate's financial supporters and let them know that they are wasting their money on political advertisements, that this money should go directly to the voters instead. Feel free to use the logo on your own website. You can also take the logo and create your own promotional material. Unless otherwise noted, all files are microsoft word (.doc)
Form letter for candidates (20 Kb)
Form letter for campaign investors (20 Kb)
Voter Empowerment Kit flyer - includes both letters plus general information about (57 Kb) bumperstickers: 11.5" by 3" (1.6 Mb); 8.5" by 3.75" (1.8 Mb) [use full-sheet sticker paper] business cards (353 Kb) [use Avery business cards #5376 or similar] small stickers 1" by 4" (869 Kb) [Avery 5262 or similar] small stickers 1.33" by 4" (1.3 Mb) [Avery 5261 or similar]
Voteauction link button (.png file - 117 Kb) (.jpg file - 67 Kb)
Futura Fonts for that look (.zip file - 128 Kb)
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