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Are you planning on staying home this election day? Now you can profit from your election capital by selling your vote to the highest bidder. To register with voteauction.com, click on the "sell" button on the left hand portion of your screen.


Due to recent publicity in the Chicago area, the number of voteauction.com voters from Illinois has more than doubled in the last week! Unfortunately, this means a temporary reduction in the price per vote, but we are certain that figure will soon rise as Illinois is a most important "battle-ground" state.


Voter Empowerment Kit

Are campaign dollars flowing as freely in your local election as they are in the Presidential election? Are your local candidates wasting campaign investors' money on advertising, instead of giving it to the people? Currently, voteauction.com only has the resources to concentrate on the US presidential election. We hope to expand our e-enterprise into elections all over the world - wherever campaign contributors are using large sums of money to influence an election. Until that time, we hope that you will use our Voter Empowerment Kit to market your own vote to campaign investors in your area. The kit also includes ready-to-print bumperstickers, business cards, and link buttons. The empowerment kit is free of charge and free of copyright. Take a closer look here.


Voteauction.com is awarded "Political Site of the Day" for September 11, 2000

from aboutpolitics.com



Voteauction Message Board

Interact with other voteauction.com users and post your opinions about voteauction.com, vote-selling, campaign investing, and campaign finance.


  Voteauction.com has recently changed ownership. It is now owned by an Austrian holding company that has invested in many of America's new, emerging industries. We feel that the American Election Industry provides unique new opportunities for the foreign investor. We purchased voteauction.com in order to investigate the profit-making potential of the American Election Industry.
Voteauction.com is not valid in New York State.