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Voteauction.com in the American Press:

CNN.com: Web site offers to sell U.S. presidential votes, Web site offering to sell votes shut down, Vote-selling website to be revived, possibly offshore

Wirednews.com: Close Vote? You Can Bid On It, Voteauction Bids the Dust, Austrian Takes Bids on U.S. Votes, Thousands Sign Up to Sell Votes

NY1 News: Website to Make It Possible to Sell Your Vote Online

USA Today: Votes Up For Auction Draw Official Inquiries

ABC News: Personal (Campaign) Finance

Slate.com: Buy This Vote!

Washington Post: Buy This Vote! (same article as slate.com)

Minnesota Public Radio's Future Tense: Sell Your Vote (real audio file)

The Industry Standard: Wanna Buy My Vote? Fuhgeddaboutit

Auction watch: Straight Talk from Voteauction.com

Voting Integrity Project: VIP Reports - Going, Going .... Gone!

Fox 4 News, Kansas City: Voteauction.com founder, James Baumgartner, phone interview. 8/23/00 (not available online)

KPIX, San Francisco: not available online

Associated Press: Web Sites Offer Votes For Sale

Metroland, Albany, NY: How Much Is That Voter In The Window? (9/1/00 - not available online.)

Salt Lake Tribune: Auction Gives New Meaning to "Check Here"

California Secretary of State: Jones Issues Warning Against On-line Vote Buying Schemes

Federal Computer Week: Is a vote-selling Web site parody or threat?

Fortune Small Business: American Cynicism, 101

Chicago Sun-Times: Web vote sale all about buzz

Cnet: Chicago tries to close vote Web site

The Register: Votes for sale online in the US

Cluebot: Americans sell their votes for $10 each

Everett Herald (WA): Bid to sell votes on Web rankles officials

Sioux City Journal: Vote buying becomes more blatant

Thirsty: UPDATE: Voteauction.com up and running again

Voteauction.com in the International Press:

Transfert: Voter, c'est facile et ça peut rapporter gros ! ; Votes aux enchères : suite et… fin

Heise online: Chicago will Stimmenkauf per Internet stoppen

Telepolis/ixmagazin: Schock-Marketing aus dem Netz-Underground

Lenta.RU: http://lenta.ru/internet/2000/08/17/vote/

Denni zpravy z Internetu: Vsechno je prece na prodej, tak proc by ne volicske hlasy?

Spiegel Online: Behörden stoppen Stimmenverkauf im Web

NET-BC: US-Wahlkampf: Demokratie jetzt online käuflich?

Voteauction.com on discussion boards:

Picnet: Selling Your Vote for Cash

FreeRepublic: Discussion of "Vote-Selling Website to be revived, possibly offshore"

slashdot: from the retail-goods-at-wholesale-prices department

Cnet Canada: eBay thwarts sale of presidential election votes

October 3, 2000: Voteauction Action Team visits the first U.S. Presidential debates. Over 200 voter empowerment kits are distributed to the crowd gathered outside the JFK Library.

August 28, 2000: Voteauction.com re-launches with added features to better serve the user.

August 22, 2000: Voteauction.com is sold to an Austrian Holding company for an undisclosed sum.

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