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History Legal History

[v]ote-auction.com is owned by an Austrian holding company that has invested in many of America's new, emerging industries. Like the Prison industry....

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We have been receiving diverse legal calamities during the last few weeks. We, however, feel the moral obligation to keep up our services to all our users....

We will be updating our ever-evolving legal history a.s.a.p.

Statistics Voter Empowerment Kit

Pollsters use them, politicians use them, liars use them, and now [v]ote-auction.com is using them too. Check out some interesting statistics on the type of person who registers with voteauction.com.

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Are campaign dollars flowing as freely in your local election as they are in the Presidential election? Are your local candidates wasting campaign investors' money on advertising, instead of giving it to the people?...

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Voteauction Message Board "Political Site of the Day"

Interact with other voteauction.com users and post your opinions about voteauction.com, vote-selling, campaign investing, and campaign finance.

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Voteauction.com has been awarded "Political Site of the Day" for September 11, 2000

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