in the news: Web site offers to sell U.S. presidential votes, Web site offering to sell votes shut down, Vote-selling website to be revived, possibly offshore Close Vote? You Can Bid On It, Voteauction Bids the Dust, Austrian Takes Bids on U.S. Votes, Thousands Sign Up to Sell Votes

NY1 News: Website to Make It Possible to Sell Your Vote Online

USA Today: Votes Up For Auction Draw Official Inquiries

ABC News: Personal (Campaign) Finance Buy This Vote!

Washington Post: Buy This Vote! (same article as

Minnesota Public Radio's Future Tense: Sell Your Vote (real audio file)

The Industry Standard: Wanna Buy My Vote? Fuhgeddaboutit

Transfert: Voter, c'est facile et ça peut rapporter gros ! ; Votes aux enchères : suite et… fin

Auction watch: Straight Talk from

Voting Integrity Project: VIP Reports - Going, Going .... Gone!

Fox 4 News, Kansas City: founder, James Baumgartner, phone interview. 8/23/00 (not available online)

KPIX, San Francisco: not available online

Associated Press: Web Sites Offer Votes For Sale

Metroland, Albany, NY: How Much Is That Voter In The Window? (9/1/00 - not available online.)

Salt Lake Tribune: Auction Gives New Meaning to "Check Here"

California Secretary of State: Jones Issues Warning Against On-line Vote Buying Schemes

Fortune Small Business: American Cynicism, 101

Chicago Sun-Times: Web vote sale all about buzz

August 28, 2000: re-launches with added features to better serve the user.

August 22, 2000: is sold to an Austrian Holding company for an undisclosed sum.