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chicago board of election vs. hans bernhard, etc.
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the chicago board of election is a private organisation, a company or something,
executing and organizing the elections in chigao. they receive large amounts of
money to do so from the city or county of chicago. they are interested in the
voting business, their business is the voting business. probably, they work on
online voting systems and stuff like that in order to maximize profit within
their organization or company. their agressive pursuit [the only civil lawsuit
against voteauction and its owners and inventors] of our amero-european approach
towards voting and business / capitalism was a healthy one, years of ligitation
and a fight with the powerful ACLU [they were backing james baumgartner]
must have 2 reasons. first of all, chicago has a very bad history of voter fraud,
and second, their business and "positive" image of their business was in danger.

to verify this information, please use adequate research methods on the internet
or visit chicagoelections.com [they have a nice logo].

HANS BERNHARD, vienna, 10.12.2000






copyright 2002 HANS BERNHARD