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chicago board of election vs. hans bernhard, etc.


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To the attention: To be brought to the attention of: James M. Scanlon Judge Michael J. Murphy James M. Scanlon & Associate 70 West Madison Street, Suite 3600 Chicago, Illinois 60602 Tel.: +1-312-977-4881 Fax: +1-312-782-8162 ___________________________________________________________ Berlin, October 30th, 2000 In the case pending Between Bernhard e.a. / Board of Election commissioners of the City of Chicago, Langdon D. Neal, Richard A. Cowen, Theresa M. Petrone before the Circuit Court of Cook County - 00 CE 031 ‚ I ask for the suspension of the case and for the continuation of the case in written procedure. I, Luzius A. Bernhard, am incapable of appearing in person before the Circuit Court of Cook County for the specific hearing set on October 30th, 2000, or any other date. I am, at the moment, searching for legal representation by an american attorney, who would represent me in the case and who is admitted before the the Circuit Court of Cook County. However, I was not able to assign an attorney in time for the hearing on this Monday, October 30th, 2000, 10:30 a.m., local time. Concerning the specifics of the myself residing in Europe, i.e. outside the United States of America, I therefore pledge for indulgence and suspension of the case, respectively for a 30-day period until the setting of a new date for this hearing. Concerning the specific issues brought along in the case so far I prefer not to comment on these issues at the time, as I do not consider myself able to understand the specifics of the the U.S., or Illinois legal system. I therefore again pledge for indulgence until I have found legal representation within reasonable time. Please excuse my poor English. Singed and dated, Luzius A. Bernhard, aka ÑHans Bernhard" Kurrentgasse 10/22, 1010 Vienna, Austria cc: Bechert, Schliepack, Wutzler, Rechtsanw”lte in B¸rogemeinschaft
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