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Florida outline map Florida Supreme Court to Rule on Hand Counts
Florida's Supreme Court hears arguments on the validity of ballot recounts, as the hand counts continue.

Note to users: For full coverage of the presidential vote controversy, visit our companion site at voanews.com

U.S. Election Proves to be a Divisive Force
Public opinion polls in recent years often indicate that Americans are fed up with politics.

Foreign Policy Differences
Bush Feels U.S. Has Too Many Overseas Committments
Gore Advocates a Policy of "Forward Engagement"

Nader Unapologetic About Election
Ralph Nader, the Green Party's presidential candidate, was unapologetic at claims he may have spoiled the Democrats bid to keep the White House.


George W. Bush (states in red)
  246 Electoral Votes
Al Gore (states in blue)
 267 Electoral Votes
Disputed (states in white)
  25 Electoral Votes

Republicans Hold House, Senate Split
On November 7 American voters also chose one-third of the U.S. Senate and all members of the House of Representatives. For more details on the battle for Capitol Hill, visit our Congress page.

VOA Explains the History and the Workings of Electoral College System