legal documents / foriginals

1. chicago board of election vs. hans bernhard, etc.
2. wisconsin
3. texas
4. massachussetts
5. missouri
6. california secretary of state
7. arizona computer crime squad


during august to november 2000, HANS BERNHARD, SILVER SERVER,
james baumgartner, lizvlx, maria e. haas, luzius a. bernhard, chris mutter and
oskar obereder were spammed with foriginal documents by U.S. institutions
and courts. daily FEDEX and UPS deliveries, 100s of pages through fax and
telephone terror by court assistants, dns registrars, police and security forces
were just part of the experiment of bringing capitalism and democracy closer
togehter during the U.S. presidential elections 2000, al bush against g.w. gore,
al gore against g.w. bush. the main goal of the attacks by or via the courts
was to shut down the web-site voteauction.com, then to shut-down vote-
auction.com and later on to have us remove the web-site from the ip-address,
so on election day, no [V]ote-auction auction would take place on the net.
this was so important to the U.S. elections, because the integrity of the voting
process shall not be in danger, as we could watch later on in florida, it really
does pose serious threats to U.S. democracy. but read more about the action,
the american election system and the experiment carried out by james baum-
gartner and ubermorgen in the press section, see the original web-sites, etc...

massive amounts of paper foriginals and legal documents are stashed away in
the ubermorgen safe in vienna / austria and in zurich / switzerland. these
materials will gain value over time, like bottles from a very very good wine
year. the foriginals and documents will only be shown at exclusive exhibits
and will only be sold to exquisite collectors, respected business people or
international legal specialists, willing to taste the bitter-sweet touch of our
dangerous fight against very powerful U.S. institutions and services.






copyright 2002 HANS BERNHARD