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IBM Makes CRM Work
By Karen J. Bannan

It's been 16 months since IBM announced it was implementing Siebel Systems' CRM offering. While it isn't big news if a Web site decides to add a CRM component to its infrastructure--especially when that company has a business relationship with that CRM provider--it is big news if the implementation actually brings results. IBM.com is one of these rare success stories.
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DataDistilleries' Release Maximizes Customer Interaction
By Jennifer Jaroneczyk
For a company to provide e6f adequate customer service, it must first decipher the pains its customers have. Similarly, a CRM provider needs to listen to these companies to provide changes, which is exactly what DataDistilleries, a software provider, did before creating its latest software, DD Series 3.0.
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Witness Systems Extends Self-Service Interactions
By Jennifer Jaroneczyk
Self service is the option I always choose, be it pumping gasoline or online banking and I am not alone. Analysts estimate that the number of people seeking customer service online will reach 70 million. Today at Internet World Fall 2001, Witness Systems announced the availability of eQuality Discover, a solution for capturing Web self-service transactions. It is the first application in the company's new self-service strategy.
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High-Tech Taxes
By Jennifer Jaroneczyk
While paying taxes may not always be the most enjoyable experience, the Internal Revenue Service has developed a way to improve the process. The IRS demonstrated its online federal tax payment system today at Internet World Fall 2001.
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Organized For Speed
By Stefanie H. Schwalb
As president of marketing, product management, and engineering, Rebecca Ward has got a lot on her plate, and finding the right way to bala 19e nce such diverse components isn't easy. But with a background adept in all of those areas, Ward is making significant headway for Digex, a managed hosting solutions provider.
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Calling For Web Services
By John Zipperer
British Telecommunications (BT) had a fairly typical need that it was hoping the evolving Web-services field could meet. As a large company, with multiple divisions and numerous technologies at work, it wanted to get systems working together without having to switch over to a single platform-which is not a realistic option in any large company [see "Bridging Troubled Waters," Oct. 2001, p. 42], much less in one of the world's foremost telecom providers.
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What Could .NET Mean for Mobile?
By Microsoft has released the first version of its long awaited .NET My Services tools, previously known as Hailstorm. What the tools show is the most significant shift toward personal computing since the idea of a "computer on every desk" was first suggested.
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WAPpy New Year
By Rob Gallagher
Christmas 2000 proved to be a happy holiday for the mobile industry as present-hunters bought phones by the truckload. So will this year's festive season be the one to put the net phones under the tree? "In a word, no," said Delia MacMillan, principal analyst for Gartner Dataquest's mobile communications group. "In terms of mobile data, messaging and all those exciting things, there really hasn't been anything service providers have that they could push."
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