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In September 1998, I quit my job at a big law firm to go work as a clerk to the Supreme Court of the tiny South Pacific island nation of Palau.


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Fun fact: wombats leave square droppings. Really. Well, cubes actually.  Next time you're stuck for chitchat at a cocktail party, mention that.


Brief screeds on whatever happens to be stuck in my craw right now. Could be fiction, essays, opinion, or other frivolous langiappe.  You won't know unless you go.

Every second of our time on Earth is precious.  But since you seem predisposed to fritter away your life, you might as well do it somewhere interesting.


What's new?

7/10/01:  A new piece, "The Ice Cream Truck Driver is my Mortal Enemy" in Stuck in my Craw.

6/1/01:  Yet another front-page facelift reveals new non-Palau content
Some of it allegedly humorous!

4/24/01: There's now a feedback form to reach me.  Save wear and tear on your e-mail program.

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Expect fresh content in Square Droppings more or less monthly. 

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